About Bodotex

Bodotex has 10 years’ experience in the engineering and manufacture of Bodopox Epoxy Resins and Bodocure hardeners for the European CIPP Market.

Our Purposefully developed CIPP Bodopox expoxies include UV curing, ambient curing, Fire retardant resins and more.

Bodotex South Africa is active in the Southern African Trenchless pipeline industry as a supplier of the best selection fo European Trenchless Technology solutions, equipment, materials and training.

trenchless technology for pipeline rehabilitation

We'd love to meet you and discus the perfect solution


We'd love to meet you and discus the perfect solution

ElastoTec and ElastoFlake Relining

• Fast drying structural relining by injection casting
• ElastoTec relining machines
• ElastoFlake Polymer Plastic quick-drying liner with a 2.5 minute drying time

UV Curing Machinery and Milling Robots

• Camera systems
• CIPP vehicle and trailer customization Felt liners
• CIPP equipment and consumables

Saniline Inversion Liner - Polyurethane Bonded

• SaniTube High-Perfomance stand-alone pull-through liner
• Amex internal sealing systems for pipelines

Saertex-Liner Structural GRP UV Light Curing

• Gravity
• Pressure
• H2O
• Laterals

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