Short Liner, Injection Systems, Manhole Repair Kits


Liner and House Connection Binding Systems

  • Epoxy and Silicate resin systems that allow for bonding liners to host pipes in wet or dry conditions.
  • Cold curing or thermal curing are offered.
  • Adheres to many surface types.

Short Liner Repair System

  • Repair of non-accessible sewer systems.
  • Lengths of up to 5 meters can be achieved
  • High chemical resistance, fast curing on thin layers, good adhesion properties and adjustable curing times.

Injection Systems

  • Injectable Polyurethane resin systems for sealing water leaks and cracks in accessible sewer systems
  • Three variants available:
    • Instant setting
    • Instant foaming
    • Instant setting and foaming
  • Available in pre-packed dispensing cartridges

Manhole Rehabilitation Systems

  • Cement-based mineral building materials.
  • Frost-resistant, sulphate-resistant and watertight
  • Low-chromate
  • Force-locking grouting work
  • Repair and renovation of concrete surfaces
  • Immediate waterproofing by sealing off water infiltrations