GRP UV liners for Sewer, H2O and Pressure

GRP UV liners for Sewer, H2O and Pressure

GRP UV Sewer, H2O and Pressure liners for trenchless pipe relining


Our trenchless pipeline rehabilitation procedures usually last no longer than a day.

Liner Benefits:

  • Minimal noise, dust and exhaust pollution for residents
  • Minimal road and traffic disruptions
  • No extended closures of streets and sidewalks
  • Successful installations can be performed in confined spaces
  • Excavation of soil or uprooting of trees and established plants can be avoided
  • Immediate pipeline recommissioning
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • No process water during curing unlike other CIPP solutions
  • Over-pumping of wastewater can be avoided in most cases

Liner Characteristics:

  • Fast installation (50-210 cm/minute)
  • Glass fibre reinforced fabrics (GRP)
  • Unique stitch-bonded fabric
  • High material parameters: E-Modules and flexural strength
Liner Characteristics
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