GRP UV liners for Sewer, H2O and Pressure

GRP UV Sewer, H2O and Pressure liners for trenchless pipe relining


Our trenchless pipeline rehabilitation procedures usually last no longer than a day.

Liner Benefits:

  • Minimal noise, dust and exhaust pollution for residents
  • Minimal road and traffic disruptions
  • No extended closures of streets and sidewalks
  • Successful installations can be performed in confined spaces
  • Excavation of soil or uprooting of trees and established plants can be avoided
  • Immediate pipeline recommissioning
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • No process water during curing unlike other CIPP solutions
  • Over-pumping of wastewater can be avoided in most cases

Liner Characteristics:

  • Fast installation (50-210 cm/minute)
  • Glass fibre reinforced fabrics (GRP)
  • Unique stitch-bonded fabric
  • High material parameters: E-Modules and flexural strength
Liner Characteristics