Epoxy Resin


Bodotex designs, manufactures and supplies a wide range of Epoxy Resin systems under the Brands BODOPOX & BODOCURE:

✓ Pipe Relining Epoxy Systems
✓ UV Curing Epoxy Systems
✓ Vacuum Infusion Resin Systems
✓ Hand layup Resin Systems
✓ Tooling Resin Systems High TG
✓ Drinking water Epoxy Systems
✓ Extrusion Epoxies Systems
✓ Filament Winding Epoxies Systems
✓ UV Absorbing Epoxy Systems
✓ Bisphenol Free Epoxy Systems
✓ Stone Impregnation System
✓ Flooring Epoxies
✓ Customer-specific Epoxy System design and manufacture

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